Settling in

Settling in at our nursery

We provide complimentary Settling in Sessions here at The Honest Toun Nursery, which gives you and your child time to get familiar with our staff and nursery. Once your child starts with us, they will be assigned a designated key worker. Your child’s key worker will be responsible for monitoring your child’s development and will be your first point of contact at nursery. Your child’s key worker will always be available to discuss your child’s progress.

Your child will be settled into our nursery gradually. Firstly spending one hour, building up to a half-day session and then staying for lunch. This phasing in allows your child to become familiar with our nursery surroundings and staff. These settling in sessions usually last a week, but this is dependent on each individual child. We understand that every child’s different and our aim is to make these sessions as flexible and comforting as possible to guarantee that both you and your child are well adjusted to our surroundings. Parent visits are encouraged whilst your child is gradually settled into nursery so please feel free to do drop in any time to see how your child is doing, even if they are no longer in their Settling In phase.